donderdag 29 september 2011

Why Unity is not ready for prime time.


No this is not yet another "Unity sucks" "Canonical is the new Evil Empire" rant. I am searching for Canonical's attention to urgently address a serious flaw in Unity, which I think the Unity dev team somehow overlooked.

The problem.

The problem is the absence of a "clear history" or "delete history" function in Unity as present in Gnome 2.

A (Sample) Scenario.

John Doe, typical 35 years young dude next door, married to Jill of the Jungle and father of 2, has a computer running Ubuntu "Snappy Snake", to do some "administrative tasks" (riiight). In reality he games his ass of and has a huge pr0n .avi .flv - and its ilk - collection.

Nothing wrong with that, nobody notices or suffers from it and John has a good time...

... Until Jill one fine night comes into John's hobby room and asks him if he has a program to manage recipes.

John clicks the Ubuntu logo on the left top of his screen and searches for "recipes" in the Dasher.

And OOPS, there it is! although the search was totally unrelated. Dasher shows John's file history, including a thumbnail of JeniferLopezFingersPussy.flv.

Congratulations Canonical, you have just unleashed WWIII on a family scale!

Until a "clear history" function is implemented, Unity is not usable. Just as simple as that :-p

Good luck implementing it ;-)

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