zaterdag 28 april 2012

New Album "ÜBERG33K: 2012 The Alan Turing Year" Released.

I am very proud to announce the release of the successor to "Voice Of The Kernel", my new album "ÜBERG33K: 2012 The Alan Turing Year".

The album strictly includes new songs, thus no remixes or previous released songs. It is my 30 anniversary album, since I released my first "One Man Band" Audio-cassette in 1982. "ÜBERG33K" is dedicated to the memory of Alan Turing and the track "For Dennis Ritchie" is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Ritchie, who unfortunately passed away this year.

The album, was entirely created using strictly 100% Free Software.

The Tracks.

Please click on the title to listen to and/or download the song.

0x01. Atlantis.

A New Age Soundscape made out of 3 Public Domain samples.

0x02. TechBytes.

Extended version of the Tune I wrote for the TechBytes Audiocast.

0x03. Megatones.

Inspired and dedicated to the Memory of Patrick Cowley.

A song to celebrate Canonical's Ubuntu Unity Gnome Desktop Shell. Featuring an extract of a Interview with Mark Shuttleworth and a quote of Ted Gould, using Gespeaker.

0x05. HAL9000.

A homage to the HAL9000 Computer, featuring a selection of HAL9000 voice samples, including the song "Daisy".

Title says it all.

0x07. ÜBERG33K.

Title song, dedicated to the Memory of Alan Turing.

Dedicated to Turing's Code braking work at Bletchley Park. Includes voice sample of myself, for a change ;-)

A New Wave song with High Quality Samples, dedicated to the Anoymous Hacker Collective

0x10. Project X (CD-BONUS).

A extended version of a song, that was the Level 2 tune in previous versions of the Alien Arena Game. Since I was up until now not able to ask the author for permission to use his work, I am unable to upload the "remix" to my Soundclick page (which would be a violation).

There for, no link to this song, only available on the CD.

This song is dedicated to the Memory of Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C Programming Language and co-author of the Unix Operating System.

0x12. Mark 1 Music.

A recording, late 1960's by the BBC demonstrating the Manchester Mark 1 Computer's  digital sound abilities.

The Used Software.

The used Operating System is Ubuntu GNU/Linux (Precise Pangolin) 12.04.

The most important application I've used to compose the songs is openMTP. Since openMPT is a Windows Application, I used PlayOnLinux to install and run it without hassle, on my beloved GNU/Linux.

The songs where fine-tuned (including lead out) with Audacity.  The Final Master CD was recorded using K3B, the most reliable, flexible and user friendly CD authoring Application ever® IMHO.

The Cover Photo was recorded using Cheese, edited using KoverArtist, "Printed" to PDF, converted to PNG using PDFEdit and finally edited with The GIMP.

The T-Shirt I ware on the Cover Photo was created using LibreOffice Writer.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy and share my Free Music. It is made with unconditional Love towards the brilliant giants who created the Free Software ecosystem and Computer Industry.

Update: August 5 2012.

Here is the complete album (in Ogg-Vorbis audio format) as a single tar.gz (archive) file, including the cover as PDF and the Bonus Track. Thanks to Chris Ahlstrom for the request. Comes in very handy now that the Soundclick site is obviously down.

Marti Van Lin, April 2012 (The Alan Turing Year).

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