dinsdag 24 juli 2012

M$ Live Tiles® baaad copycat from Android ICS

Vole has been marketing Windows® 8 Live Tiles® as the latest and greatest since sliced bread (as usual).

Unfortunately this Chinese video of my current Tablet proves that Live Tiles® are nothing but baaad copycat from Google Android ICS.

Microsoft® INNOVA~1® at its best :-D (evil laughter)

On Android ICS they are simply widgets, which show the latest updates of your email and social media, or whatever widget you place on one of the preferred multiple "virtual desktops". You simply have the ability to "browse" trough the history, by tipping the widgets and scrolling down (like in a web-browser).

Windows® 8 Live Tiles® on the other hand are showing a "history" of the most recent updates in a "interactive" manner. Meaning text is scrolled continually on multiple Tiles®. At first this seems quite funny and sexy, but trust me, it gets on your nerves within 15 minutes.

Poor Vole, desperately trying to catch up with GNU/Linux desktop and Android and miserably failing, by providing the most user hostile and butt ugly user environment Ever!

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