woensdag 31 juli 2013

X64 Linux Binary of Ken's Labyrinth LAB3D-SDL-3.32 port

Summary: the LAB3D-SDL-2.32 binary didn't work on my 64-bit machine, so I compiled the source code and it works like a charm on GNU/Linux \o/

Ken's Labyrinth has been my favorite FPS right from the start, because this  is the only FPS I can win *without* cheating.

I purchased Ken's Labyrinth 2.1 via Compuserve's SWREG. And had a lot of fun.
Unfortunately it didn't ran under Windows 9x and above. So I was very surprised and happy to learn about the Official Ken's Labyrinth Page, which provides links to 32-bit ports for "Modern Operating Systems".
The LAB3D-SDL port worked fine on 32-bit machines, yet refuses to run on 64-bit machines.
So I grabbed the source code and compiled it  on my 64-bit machine, running DreamStudio 12.04.3

I simply replaced the original 32-bit binary with the fresh compiled 64-bit version in the ~/ken directory and it works like a charm <3

Enjoy ;-)


dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Upcoming album "Hasbara"

I'm currently working on my upcoming album "Hasbara" which is partly a compilation of modern interpretations of traditional Hebrew and Yiddish songs and partly new compositions.

In the meantime I have bought a couple of new instruments, so in contrast to my previous albums, I will be playing real instruments on some of the tracks again, in stead of using Tracker Editors.

Check out the playlist for some of the songs, which already have been released for Hasbara.

Check out the Wikipedia article on the meaning of Hasbara.

!עם ישראל חי ועד עולם

The people of Israel Lives, forever and ever!