zaterdag 25 februari 2012

Unity is Ready for Prime Time Now!

A couple of months ago, I posted a DOOM-scenario to show why Unity was Not ready for Prime Time, back then.

Fortunately a lot of progress has been made in Unity and I assure you that it IS most certainly ready for Prime Time by now.

Zeitgeist, upstream from the Gnome 3 project, keeps track of file activities. Unity obviously takes advantage of Zeitgeist.

Now fortunately in system settings a Privacy option was added, which gives you control over what file types and paths Zeitgeist may record or should ignore.

There you have it! The "dumbed down" stuff was simply upstream growing pain from the Gnome 3 project and most advanced users have already found the required packages in Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic, to be fully back in control again.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: Future (of computing) is Now!

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  1. Note that Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be released in April 2012. The current version is not even in Beta state yet and very unstable. Don't install it unless you want to help testing.