maandag 5 juni 2017

FreeDOS: DOS for the 21'st century.

Screenshot of FreeDOS 1.2 in VirtualBox

Since the late 1990's I got interested in emulators, which gave me the ability to run software for my previous beloved computer systems MSX2 and Commodore-Amiga on a Pentium PC.

To share the fun software with my brothers I released the MultiOS (Multiple Computers and Operating Systems) CD-ROM series.

As the years passed by, I added more "alternative" Operating Systems for the i386 architecture. Including the two floppydisk Greycat Linux, ReactOS, Minix3 and my own favorite FreeDOS.

I didn't just slapped diskimages on MultiOS, I actually tested the Operating Systems on bare metal.

I actually ran FreeDOS 1.0 (and previous releases) on a physical Pentium PC.

I was so much excited about FreeDOS, I posted a article about it on

These days I run FreeDOS in VirtualBox and DOSemu on Linux hosted systems. I even run FreeDOS via DosBox on my Raspberry PI3.

I run WordPerfect 5.1 (supports one of my Printers via ps), Ashton Tate dBASE IV, (which runs my album/CD collection) many of my favorite "old school" games and Quick Basic 4.5.

That doesn't mean that FreeDOS is old school only, to the contrary. It's a modern OS with support for multimedia an networking, including DHCP. Such in contrast to MS-DOS.

You should really give the excellent Dillo Web-browser a shot!

Another great advantage of the FreeDOS 1.2 release is its excellent package manager.

My advice is to run the FreeDOS 1.2 installer in Advanced mode, by pressing [Ctrl]+ [C]. This will prompt you to start a user friendly Slackware-ish package manager.

FreeDOS might not be my primary OS, yet I use it on a daily base.

A wonderful OS every g33k deserves.

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