donderdag 7 september 2017

GAB: Free Speech for everyone!

Desktop screenshot GAB.AI is a social network, with Freedom of Speech for everyone and in contrast to its competitors, NO not just for some.

Let's get this straight, I'm a homosexual, Zionist Gabber! So there goes your inaccurate "GAB is Alt Right" propaganda.

I am a Gabber because I love Free Speech for everyone and not just for some.

Here is a good example:

Do you remember Kim Davis? The woman that got jailed for refusing to marry a gay couple?

I have always been in support of Davis, because of Free Speech. In my opinion it is outright ridiculous Mrs. Davis got convicted and even jailed. What's the problem? Simply make an appointment with another country clerk who will marry you (non-problem solved).

 Kim Davis

And there was another story, some moronic huff 'nd puff about a bakery that didn't want to bake a wedding cake for another gay couple. What on Earth is your problem? Get another bakery, vote with your wallet and quit whining!

This doesn't mean I necessarily agree with Mrs. Davis nor the bakery, yet that I despise the fact these people where convicted for "Having the incorrect idea". 1984 anyone?

So far I met very nice fellow GABBERS, most of them conservative Jews and Christians and I must admit I feel more comfortable amongst these people then the LGBTQWERTY (or whatever it is called this week) "community".

What I love most about GAB is the lack of censure. OK and its extraordinary handsome founder, (but that's just a nice side effect) <Rolls Eyes> ;-)

 Andrew Torba, founder of GAB

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