woensdag 10 juni 2015

First experiences with the Raspberry PI 2B

Screenshot of the amturingpi MU desktop

I received my first Raspberry PI 2B as a birthday present from my sister in law Marij and brother Michel and haven't left it untouched ever since!

However in contrast to the majority of Raspberry Pi Enthusiasts, I am a seasoned Linux user (for 15 years), meaning my first steps with the Raspberry Pi 2B where a piece of cake, hardly a adventure ;-)

The first distribution I tried was Ubuntu MATE, which required only a single tweak.

I edited the /boot/config.txt file

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

to disable the "overscan" and get the correct screen resolution, by "un-commenting" (removing the # character) in line 10 to:


Saving the edited file by pressing:

Ctrl X and Y

Then I rebooted, which solved the annoyance of an incorrect screen resolution. 

After two days, I gave Rasbian a shot and reverted back to Ubuntu MATE, because the former is too minimalistic for my likings.

The plan is to buy another MicroSD card, for "distro hopping" and keep Ubuntu MATE installed on the main MicroSD card, which I also got from Marij and Michel.

Temporarily I'm using the Raspberry Pi 2B in my living room, because of the lack of a decent power supply and HDMI to DVI-D converter, I mostly control the MU (Master Unit) via ssh and VNC.

The plan is to buy the required hardware next week and place the nano cluster computer in my bedroom, with a dedicated flat screen monitor, 2 TB USB HDD (which I own already) and a wireless keyboard and mouse combination.

Needless to say I am extremely excited by the Raspberry Pi 2B and a nano cluster is not the only application I have for the cute little, yet powerful British computer!

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