zondag 19 juli 2015

amturingpi project cancelled

Raspberry Pi 2B

It's official! the amturingpi project is cancelled!

After some more research I figured out a Beowulf cluster might be a nice research project, but it is not useful for the goal I had in mind.

I'm currently using my Raspberry Pi 2B as a "regular desktop computer", running (a modified version of) Ubuntu MATE (Linux) for Raspberry Pi2.

Thus I bought/used the following additional hardware.

  • 2 additional Raspberry Pi 2B boards;
  • 1 HDMI cable;
  • 1 HDMI to DVI-D converter;
  • 1 Wireless keyboard and mouse set;
  • 1 Euro to USB adapter;
  • 1 USB 4 port HUB;
  • 4 USB to Micro USB cables;
  • 1 Ethernet Switch;
  • 4 CAT6 Twisted pair cables with RJ-45 connectors;
  • 1 Official Raspberry Pi power supply;
  • 1 Raspberry Pi Case (black);
  • 1 32 GB MicroSD card (for experimental Operating Systems);
  • 1 USB Wireless adapter (owned already);
  • 1 1.5 TB USB HDD (owned already).

The next research project is to use the RPI as a client for a Linux Terminal Server. But it doesn't make sense to document this myself, because it already is documented at the Project Homepage.

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