woensdag 13 januari 2016

Review: RemixOS Alpha 1 for PC.


Jide Technologies yesterday, January 12 2015 released the Alpha 1 release of their Remix OS for PC.

It is based on Android-x86 with a traditional desktop GUI on top of it.

Thus I was very excited to give it a spin.


On their website Jide Technologies provide some weird system requirements: An old computer with USB 3 (WTF?)

I fully ignored these system requirements and ran it on this setup:

i3 with 8 GB RAM, Intel 2500 HD Graphics, 16 GB Micro SD card Class 10 (7.5 Mbit/s).


If you downloaded the ZIP archive from the Jide Technologies website, you'll have to unzip the file, which will create a subdirectory  called Remix_OS_for_PC_64_B20160112_01_Alpha.

This directory includes 3 files:

How to Launch Remix OS for PC.txt (readme text file);
Remix_OS_for_PC_64_B20160112_01_Alpha.iso (the actual ISO9660 image);
remixos-usb-tool-B2016011102.exe (renamed Windows port of Unetbootin).

Writing the ISO image to the MicroSD card was painless with the provided tool. But you could use *any* usb creation tool.

First boot.

The first boot was horribly slow. I made the bad decision to choose the persistence session, which had to create a data partition on the 16 GB 7.5 Mit/s MicroSD card.

Actually Remix OS complained that it would be slow and eventually not be able to boot from this device correctly.

Remix OS requires a 10 Mbit/s device.

Anyway it did the job and 40 minutes later the Remix OS desktop was in a usable state.

Yet this is only the case during the first bootstrap, when choosing the persistence session. Now it boots within a minute from the same (too slow) MicroSD card.

As an alternative you could run the guest session, which doesn't have to create a time consuming data partition (during the first bootstrap). The downside of the guest session however is, that it won't keep your settings and (eventually optional) installed apps.

Using Remix OS for PC.

So what about the user experience? Is it worth giving it a spin?

I've got good and bad news for you. If you are a curious Operating Systems g33k like the ML2MST, I say: give it a shot.

If you are searching for a replacement for $LINUXDISTRO or Windows, you'd better stay away from Remix OS for PC for now.

The Good.

I'm pretty excited by the performance of Remix OS for PC in the long run. It recognized my Intel 2500 HD Graphics and uses Messa for hardware acceleration.

I was very surprised by the quality and speed of how it captured my USB 2 Webcam.

The desktop shell is fantastic, it works great and looks very slick and "modern".

The Bad.

Keeping in mind that this is the first alpha release, this puppy actually has a couple of bugs, which make it useless for daily use.

First of all, I was unable to create an account (see schreenshot below). No matter how many times I click on "Add Account", nothing happens.

Secondly, Google Play is *not* installed by default (as advertised).

Worst of All: Google didn't recognise "this device", meaning I was unable to install *anything* from Google play.


Remix OS for PC is a very interesting project, I will keep an eye on it, but it's not ready for the general public yet. No fat lady singing and no Cigar yet. But it's a matter of time.

This cute little puppy will grow up to be a mighty dog, to bite the establishment on PC in the ass :-p

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sadly, I was expecting it to be like that, it's only their first version. But I think in the future Google will do it themselves and then it will be worthy (it'll require a lot of system level changes that only Google can do with their knowledge of the code, and their army of developers).

  2. Am I missing something? It's not surprising that Google Play did not recognize an *X86* based device!