zaterdag 8 juli 2017

G33K: Turning Raspberry PI 3B into a Retro BBS

Mystic BBS configuration


I've had a lot of fun with Amibian, yet I have great emulators on my main rig already. The downside of Amibian is that it runs everything as root (superuser), which is considered a bad practice.

Beside that, since the RPI is such a energy efficient and silent little machine, it would be perfect to run a service 24/7/256.

The problem: there is no RemoteAccess-like BBS software that runs native on it. Perhaps I could compile EleBBS, but I gave already up on that.


Fortunately there is MysticBBS, which was originally written for DOS, later ported to Windows and Linux by the same author. Besides x86/86 there are native Armhf builds for the RPI.

The installation and configuration procedure was pretty straight forward. However I had to read *some* documentation and view some video's on the Mystic Youtube Channel for best results.

Dynamic DNS and Portforwarding.

Although most of the main functionality of the BBS is correctly configured. There are some problems with reaching the BBS from the outer world.

I signed up with No-IP as for the BBS services and edited the portforwarding tables in my router/firewall.

Unfortunately it isn't working yet.

I also need to set up an echomail network, which seems fairly simple in Mysitc.

Anyway, yet another fun retro computing project ;-)

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