donderdag 14 juni 2012

Voice of the Kernel Album re-released

Thanks to Chris Ahlstrom (G+ account), who requested to post "ÜBERG33K" in a single tar.gz archive, I made my 2009 "Voice of the Kernel" album available for download via Mediafire (thank you Mediafire, for making this possible <3).

Here is the direct link to the tar.gz file (files in Ogg-Vorbis audio format).

Voice of the Kernel is in fact a compilation album of geeky "computer Love" related songs, including a couple of new songs especially written for the album.

Voice of the Kernel is dedicated to all GNU/Linux advocates out there. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen, you probably have no idea how important your advocacy is and how happy it makes me feel. You Rock!

GNU/Linus is not only an Operating System, it is a way of Life, a very exciting way of Life ;-)

Like all my music, it is released under CC-BY-SA, Enjoy and share!

Love Marti :-*

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